Coronavirus: Your PDSA Veterinary Service

Our biggest concern during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is the safety of our clients, their pets and staff. We're reviewing the situation on a daily basis so we can provide our service in the safest way possible. Despite our best efforts, it has been necessary to make temporary changes to the veterinary services we provide.


Emergency-only service

Your PDSA Pet Hospital service has been greatly impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak. We are only able to offer urgent life-saving treatment at this time. Our teams are doing their very best to treat as many critically ill pets as they can and we thank you for your patience and support.

You can find more information about Coronavirus on our blog, this page provides some valuable information on Coronavirus and pets.

If you need general pet care advice you can visit our online Pet Health Hub.

If you’re not sure if your pet needs to see a vet, use our online symptom checker here.

If your pet has a chronic condition and needs medication, or needs emergency treatment, you can arrange for a phone consultation with us. Just call your usual Pet Hospital number or the number in the table below if your Pet Hospital or Clinic is temporarily closed..

If you are advised that your pet does need to come in to see us, please be aware that we will have a number of measures in place to help keep everyone safe (see below for details). We’re doing out very best to keep as many of our pet hospitals open for emergencies as we can, but there may be unavoidable interruptions in our service in the coming weeks. You can use the table below to check if your local PDSA service is affected any further by measures to control Coronavirus.

If you aren't already registered with PDSA and would like to check if you're eligible to use our services then please use our online checker.

If you access PDSA Pet Care through a private veterinary practice, please call your practice directly to confirm local arrangements.

Pet Hospital

Service status

Service status

Further information

Further information

Aberdeen PDSA Pet Hospital Emergency services only
Basildon PDSA Pet Hospital - The Coco Markus Centre Emergency services only
Belfast PDSA Pet Hospital (Antrim Road) Emergency services only
Belfast Pet Clinic (Shore Road) Temporarily closed please contact Belfast Pet Hospital (Antrim Road) for emergencies on 028 9077 0977
Birmingham Aston PDSA Pet Hospital Emergency services only

Emergency appointments: How you can help

If you need to come into one of our hospitals, please help us to keep our dedicated teams safe by following the recommendations below:

  • Only come down the Pet Hospital if you’ve been advised by us that this is necessary. Please call us first and don’t turn up unannounced

  • If you are unwell, have been diagnosed with Coronavirus (COVID-19), are in self-isolation or vulnerable let us know straight away so that we can advise on the best way that we can help you.

  • Please don’t bring additional people to your appointment unless you require assistance, including children where possible.

  • You will be asked to wait outside or in your car after you've checked in, and someone will call you to discuss your pet’s history and care.

  • We may ask you to wait in your car while we examine your pet inside, this is to minimise the number of people in our waiting area and consult rooms.


Questions and answers


Where can I find out information about pets and COVID-19, and how to self-isolate with my pet?

This information is about your PDSA Pet Hospital service. You can find information about pets and COVID-19 here, and advice on how to self-isolate with pets here.

My pet needs to see the vet, what should I do?

Please call your local Pet Hospital and you will be advised on the best way for us to help your pet. You can find your local pet hospital's address and number by searching here.

Please call before attending, and ensure that you inform the receptionist if you, or anyone you have been close to, has been self-isolating or is confirmed as having COVID-19 so that we can take appropriate steps to ensure everyone’s safety.

Do I have to wait in the waiting room?

We know that our waiting rooms can become busy, so we’re asking clients to not attend if they are self-isolating, or are showing any symptoms at all (in particular a continuous cough or high temperature), as well as encouraging regular thorough hand washing and use of hand sanitiser where possible. If you’d prefer to wait outside or in your car, please speak to Reception staff who will advise what you need to do.

What if I can't leave the house and my pet needs treatment or a repeat prescription?

If you think your pet needs to see a vet, please call before attending so we can discuss how best to help you. Inform the receptionist if you, or anyone you have been close to, has been self-isolating or is confirmed as having Covid-19.

My pet is on regular medication, what do I do?

As the current situation is still evolving, we’re working with our suppliers to minimise impact on our Pet Hospitals. If your pet needs regular medication, please make sure you don’t allow your medications to run too low.

  • Make sure that your PDSA registration is kept up-to-date to prevent any breaks in supply of your pet’s medication.
  • Do be prepared that you won’t be able to request bulk orders, as supplies of medication might be restricted. So, do be prepared to have to make more frequent requests for repeat prescriptions.
  • Patients who are eligible for free veterinary treatment can ask about using our Central Dispensary to order repeat prescriptions, where this is possible

I want to book my pet in to be vaccinated or neutered – what should I do?

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, unfortunately we currently not offering vaccination, neutering or PetWise MOT appointments ahead of time, as our priority is to treat sick and injured pets needing emergency treatment. For all other appointments, please contact the Pet Hospital and they will advise what is best for your situation. 

Will my local PDSA Pet Hospital be closing?

We’re doing our best to try and minimise any impact on our services during this time, and we remain committed to providing our vital service for pets and people who need our help. However, despite our best efforts, we will see a reduction in available services at some of our hospitals, so please check this page to see updates to our service in your area before attending the hospital.

What should I do if my local PDSA is closed due to Coronavirus and my pet needs urgent treatment?

We will try to stay available for emergencies as long as we possibly can, but it may be that we have no choice but to close some services temporarily. We will keep our clients informed of the status of each service on this page and what they should do if we do need to close.

If your pet needs urgent care, please call your local PDSA Pet Hospital on the usual number in the first instance and we can advise you on where to go.

What happens if my pet needs emergency treatment outside your normal opening hours?

We will still use the same ‘out-of-hours’ providers as usual, who are also putting in measures to keep their staff and clients safe while caring for any pet emergencies. We will try to stay available for emergencies as long as we possibly can, and if there are any changes or disruptions to this, you will be advised where to go for help when you contact your local PDSA Pet Hospital on the usual number.

I have an appointment booked for my pet soon, will it be cancelled?

All non-urgent appointments are being postponed as the situation with COVID-19 continues to impact us. If this occurs then we will do our best to contact all affected clients directly.

If you have any questions which aren’t answered here, you can find out more on our page about Covid-19 here, or our advice pages about self-isolating with pets here.

It says to call in advance, but I've been trying for days and can't get through to the Pet Hospital

We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time. In the current situation we are receiving incredibly high call volumes, in addition to having a reduced number of staff at many of our Pet Hospital sites.

As always, we’re doing our very best to answer calls as quickly as possible to make sure everyone gets the help they need for their pets. We’re also working to put other measures in place to provide additional support for our Pet Hospital teams during these challenging times.

If your pet doesn’t require urgent treatment or medication at this time, please try not to call, so that we can help those who do require emergency support.

If you do require urgent treatment, whilst we recognise this is a frustrating situation, we ask you for your help and understanding and keep trying to get through on the phone if you need to access our services. Please do not attend the Pet Hospital without contacting us first.

If you have about Covid-19, you can try our webpages here, which may answer some of your questions:

Will I still be able to get my pet’s prescription?

We are that all of our pet patients can continue to access necessary or ongoing prescriptions during this time.

If you need medication for your pet, please call first, so we can advise you on the best way that we can help you.

Certain repeat medications can be ordered through our central dispensary and posted out to you. Please ask your local PDSA if this is possible for you.

My pet needs emergency vet care but I can’t get through on the phone. What should I do?

We have prioritised our emergency and essential services at the current time

If you do require urgent treatment, whilst we recognise this is a frustrating situation, we ask you for your help and understanding and keep trying to get through on the phone if you need to access our services. Please do not attend the Pet Hospital without contacting us first.

My pet’s booster appointment has been postponed, will I have to pay the full amount for a starter pack once appointments start up again?

There is a flexible window during which boosters can be given so we would want to understand the individual circumstances in each case – please contact your pet hospital to discuss and we can agree a plan together

I usually get my pet’s flea and worming treatments from my local PDSA. Can I still get these?

We understand the importance of keeping your pets’ flea and worming treatment up to date. However, in the current circumstances we have had to prioritise our emergency treatment services and reduce footfall through the hospitals, so we’re encouraging people to order their supplies through our online shop and not to attend the hospital to get them. If we have recently seen and weighed your pet, we may still be able to provide these treatments without examining your pet, however, we would urge people to also look at alternative arrangements on a temporary basis. We also have a range of preventive treatments available through our online shop here.

My pet was due to be neutered, can I still get this done?

Due to the current situation we have had to prioritise emergency and urgent treatment. All non-essential appointments have been postponed for now, so we’re not able to provide preventive services at present. This includes neutering, vaccinations, PetWise MOTs and general check-ups. Please be aware that female cats can become pregnant from a very young age, so if you have a female kitten, please keep her indoors until she is neutered. You can read more about neutering your kitten here and about looking after an indoor cat here.

Please continue to check this webpage for the latest service updates to your hospitals.